Young, Rich, and Infamous is a blog site that  is dedicated to informing the youth about fashion, music, current events, as well as blogs about self motivation. This blog site is not only to uplift the community, no matter what nationality or sexual preference, but it is also for the youth to enjoy and provide feedback on many different topics. From videos by Drew Montana (the founder of this site) to the latest mixtapes and videos from various artists, you will definitely be entertained 24/7 365.

 One thing I have learned about social networks is that "it is extremely important to have diversity. With this site you will indeed find topics versatile, from a wide range of discussions to music. Some days will be blogs about fashion, music, sex, credit education, to current events in congress. I find it very important that in this day and age that we stay focused on "The guns, and not necessarily the butter." How can we be serious but yet have fun at the same time is a question that many ask ?"  Well, the answer is that we are all human, we all have emotions that can arouse different perspectives. All this site is here to do is to entertain, inspire, and evoke a different level of thinking.

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"Think Rich and Grow Rich," and remember to "apply yourself to supply your wealth." Much Love!